We all have at least one adventure left within us…

It’s amazing how great memories can make an impact on your life. One morning I’m showing my 2 ½ year old grandson, Rainer, his mother’s hiking stick she had when she was growing up. I point out to him that at the end of each summer I would carve a ring on the bottom of her stick. Each ring represents a summer’s set of adventures. There are 11 rings on the bottom of her stick representing 11 summers of adventure. Rainer grabs the stick and says, “Poppa, we go ’venture!” and heads for the front door. I grab my cell phone and follow. He takes off down the sidewalk without a care in the world. This picture reminds me that on this day my life is impacted forever by a 2 ½ year old grandson. Rainer has no trepidations, doubts or fears about going on a hike for a ’venture.

Watching him walk away, I ask myself a key question; “Are there any adventures left in my life? What have I always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?”

Adventure Jerky is more than providing great jerky as fuel for your journey. Our goal is to provide some good mental fuel also, to encourage you to take that next big adventure. To uncover what has been holding you back and guide you on your journey to discover your passion, choose your adventure, and ignite your activity in order to achieve those goals that are most important to you. Helping people find their passion is my passion.

Join us on the Adventure Jerky journey as you start your journey towards your next big adventure. We supply the encouragement, the tools, and the fuel. Just like Rainer, you take the first steps with no trepidations, doubts, or fears about going on a new ’venture.

Jerky On!