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Adventures for Your Next Journey

What adventures are you ready to embark on for your next journey? Sometimes it’s tough to get through all the clutter and figure out which adventure is going to be a worthwhile adventure to help you along on your journey. Otherwise we get caught up in day to day details, we get derailed and then activity replaces accomplishment of those goals most important to us.

Writing down your dreams and goals are so important to helping you choose your adventures. The passion you discover delivers the energy and boldness you will need with your adventures.

So many times, we assume that big changes require big efforts. That is not always the case. Sometimes big changes come in small incremental effort. It’s the small items that are done consistently that make the big changes happen. Getting your thoughts down on paper is one of those small things you do that will have a huge impact on your life.
Remember that old poster, “Make Each Day Count!?” Ultimately, what you accomplish in your life is a result of what you accomplish in a normal day.

Check out the podcast on Choose Your Adventure, “The Adventures of Unstructured Time” Show #5 at Anchor.FM/216-THE-NET. is a great place for some terrific resources dealing with non-financial issues in retirement.
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