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Baby Boomer Adventures!

Be Your Best on Your Next Journey!
Baby boomer adventures, that conjures up a lot of images doesn’t it? As baby boomers do you remember when we were kids and our adventures? We looked at life as one big adventure and we were in awe of the world around us.  Slowly, as we get older and gain more experience that sense of awe seems to decrease along the way. We go to school, study and participate in different activities. We are still in awe of what we are learning and doing.

Then we start dating and that is another adventure that causes us to be in awe. We start a new career and we are in awe of the scope of responsibility we have or don’t have. Each promotion is a new adventure in scope and scale of what we do. Then later, we get married and we are definitely in awe again with this adventure. We have children and we are in awe of these small bundles. And before you know it our children are grown and we are looking at this phase called retirement. We are in awe of how fast the time has gone! Now we start to plan for our baby boomer adventures.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are turning age 65 every 7 seconds every single day. This will continue for about the next decade. That is a lot of people who are potentially coming to the end of a career. Or are they? Surveys show the majority of baby boomers want to continue being active. Whether they are working full or part time. Half of that group would like to do something different than what they’ve done in the past. Yet only 19% have done anything different thus far. Maybe it’s the way we perceive retirement.
If you’ve retired recently, think back about your life at work. At work you had an identity and were a contributor. You were respected and people needed you.  A social network was available and you provided value.  Feedback and advice were exchanged along with praise and criticism. You were part of something larger than you. Now think about what provides that feeling of purpose in your new phase of life. The place to look is within, whether it is adjusting your lifestyle or adjusting to a new career.
You know that the financial part of retirement planning is key. Do you know what one of the key problems financial planners have with their clients? Getting the answer to this key question: “What do you plan on doing in retirement?” For a financial planner, the answers provide a lot different planning scenario for various couples or individuals. Those who want to travel internationally once a year could be one scenario. Compare that to couples who want to move to a senior living community to be close to grand-kids. If clients can figure out what they want to do in retirement, what type of journey they want to embark on, it sure makes a financial planner’s job a lot less frustrating.

Planning for the Journey
We’ll cover planning for the journey. We’ll also explore some of the some of the problems other than financial that baby boomers may encounter. Discussions on personal leadership and emotional intelligence will be key. Focus will also be on losing your identity and trying to figure out a new lifestyle. Emotional issues will be covered such as the onset of depression, fear, and default behaviors. Even the challenges of both spouses or partners being at home together for the first time. Sometimes this can result in arguing and dealing with old habits. We are going to try and make these topics fun and interactive while we learn and continue to grow.

We will explore how to be your best on your next journey. This will be done by showing you how to find your passion, pick your adventure and ignite your activity. Overcoming default behaviors and creating new habits will also be covered because they are key to igniting your new activities. Hopefully a good portion of all that we cover will be a new productive learning experience. As we learn, we will be putting this information into action and new adventures to help you with you journey.

Adventure Jerky-Fuel for the Journey is all about providing fuel for your journey. The fuel can be physical fuel such as jerky. Or the fuel can be mental fuel in regards to sharing ideas & thoughts with books, blogs and literature. We want to get you in the mood to successfully re-purpose your new lifestyle and/or a new career. Providing for a successful journey. Come on along and we’ll show you how to create some fun adventures. They can be a large adventure or a series of smaller adventures.
We would also like to hear from you and have you share your adventures in the blog contest.