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Creating Your Next Adventure in Retirement


Creating your next adventure in retirement will involve a lot corrections to stay on course.
Baby Boomers will encounter many obstacles on their journey in retirement. Each adventure will have difficulties and issues to overcome. Managing relationships will key to a successful journey. Think about what it takes to keep a kayak on course. To keep relationships on course requires the same skills as paddling a kayak.

When kayaking, you have to make adjustments to the wind, current, tides, boats and obstacles. With relationships, you have to make adjustments to time, communication, resources, goals and obstacles to keep them operational. Let’s look at a couple of key items with relationships.

Couples in retirement now potentially have completely different perspectives on what it means to spend time together. Being together 24/7 is very different than when one or two people in a relationship have a full or part time job. The potential for getting on each other’s nerves becomes a very real variable to manage. You have to make adjustments.

One of the key items to identify is each other’s expectations. At this stage of life and with this amount of time what is expected? Just sitting down and writing out goals and expectations can make a huge difference. The same as with kayaking. “Oh, instead of kayaking across the ocean, you just want to cross the pond?” We then make adjustments. It’s not easy but it is doable.

Remember one of the keys to communicating is the willingness to listen. We are physically built such that we should be listening twice as much as we speak. How do I know that? It’s really pretty easy. We are born with two ears and one mouth. However, even when try and focus on listening we fall into a trap. Instead of listening to understand, we wait until there is a break in the conversation so that we can jump in with our point of view. Try to listen to understand and then use this key phrase to ensure that understanding takes place. “Help me understand, what do you mean by that?”

You will be amazed at the difference in your conversations and the depth you can take them. All of sudden those big looming obstacles can be avoided just like Kayak paddling around a big rock. You will be able to use these same skills with siblings, children, grandchildren, friends and many more.

Learning how to use some simple tools can help make the process of building good relationships in retirement a little bit easier.

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