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Evaluating New Year’s Resolutions

Well it’s the end of January, time to evaluate your New Year’s Resolutions. How well did you do with your new year’s resolutions? Studies have shown that 80% of new year’s resolutions are discontinued or dropped by January 15th. You have to ask the questions, “Why are these resolutions so difficult to keep? Aren’t they important enough to us to see them through to fruition?”

Typically, if we approach an aspect of our life that is important enough to come up with a resolution it is important to us. However, we can get overwhelmed with the size and scope of the project. As we get overwhelmed, we get frustrated and when we get frustrated we get disillusioned and then we finally give up and quit. I have been a fan of breaking things down into simple steps or aspects.

In my senior year of high school, I literally taught myself to pole vault. It seemed so complicated. Students would line up after school to watch me jump. They weren’t interested how high I jumped but rather if I would hit the landing area. It was total concentration for me starting out just to get the end of the pole into the built-in box at the bottom of the pit. This box in front of the pit was key. If you didn’t hit the box at full speed, who knows where you would wind up. Thus, the kids watching in anticipation. Once I practiced that skill set enough and muscle memory took place then, I forgot all about planting the pole in the box. It became second nature. I then started focusing on my form to get up and over the bar.


After a while instead of a terrifying ordeal it became fun and challenging.

When I talk with people who are retired or getting ready to retire most times they seem overwhelmed by figuring out what they want to do in retirement. Oh sure, they focus on the financial side of things but what about the other aspects of your life. You know like: family and home, fitness and health, knowledge and education, religion and culture, social and friends, 2nd careers and finance. It seems like a lot but over the next several months we are going to break it all down into workable units. Come on along for a fun adventure as we figure it out.

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Thanks for coming along.