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Finding Your Passion for Your Next Journey

There comes a time in our lives when we want to make a change. We realize we want to do something different, but we don’t always know why we want to make the change.

Embarking on our great adventure conjures up an image of being able to take control and move in the direction we would like to go. We hope to achieve the goals that are important to us.  Also to create a sense of purpose in our lives by going on a journey that has major significance for us.

In order to address the issues that confront us, we need to make wise decisions so we can focus on what we want to accomplish. Otherwise, we wind up getting swept along in the great big tide of activities that consumes time and energy. When this happens, we end up doing what we feel we have to do to survive in our business and personal life.

When we are truly passionate about something we can’t wait to get started. We also know when we are kidding ourselves and just trying to be passionate. It’s difficult to fool ourselves. It’s one or the other but never both. The key is to take the time to find the goals that you are truly passionate about.

Motivational speaker Brian Tracy stated it so well when he said, “You know you’re getting close to your passion when you can throw your alarm clock away!”

Take time to write down your dreams and goals and carefully go through them and find out what you are truly passionate about based on your values. It takes a lot of work but it is worth the effort.

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