Here is a sample of Chuck’s programs…

How to Be Your Best on Your Next Journey!
Chuck’s keynotes are fun and informative. He provides solid information for baby boomers in a great story telling format, demonstrating “How to Be Your Best on Your Next Journey.”

Make Your Next Journey Your Best Journey.
A hands-on workshop for baby boomers exploring the stages of how to Find Your Passion, Choose Your Adventure, and Ignite Your Activity.

The Stages:
Key Strategies You Will Learn:
  • How to transition to new habits so you can take that next bold step.
  • How to overcome default behaviors that may be holding you back.
  • How to maintain focus on your goal and reap the rewards of exploring a new adventure..

How to Stay in the Game During Difficulty and Stress.
Chemical Brain Freeze® gets to the heart of what baby boomers need to understand to be able to better deal with difficult situations. It offers the distinct advantage of showing people how to develop better relationships and improve communications when needed most. With personal leadership and emotional intelligence at its core, this program demonstrates how to effectively manage the challenges we face as we retire or embark on new adventures. The program will enable people to:

  • Understand How the Brain Works During Stressful Situations
  • Become Empowered During Difficult Times
  • Connect with Others More Effectively

Imagine being able to be your best during times of anxiety and stress. Learn how you can stay in the game during difficult times and be more effective than ever with family, customers and employees. With today’s fast paced environment, challenges arise daily and its what we do with these challenges that have an impact on our performance. People will be able to:

  • Have More Focus
  • Stay Calm Under Pressure
  • Communicate More Effectively