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Adventure Jerky — Fuel for the Journey! Book Be Your Best on Your Next Journey

By Chuck Inman $1495Paperback

There comes a time in our lives when we want or need to make a change. As baby boomer we realize want something to be different, but we don’t always know why we want or need to make the change. Learn how to take practical steps to help you determine the why and to reach those goals most important to you.

The stages:
Key Strategies you will learn:
  • How to transition to new habits so you can take that next bold step.
  • How to overcome default behaviors that may be holding you back.
  • How to maintain focus on your goal and reap the rewards of exploring a new adventure.

“Chuck brings a freshness, excitement and newness that sparks people to begin planning for their next journey. He highlights the magic of seeing opportunity, challenge and change as a step towards preparing you for the greatest adventure of your life. The journey that lies ahead.”

Ron Hoesterey

Rancher, Author, Radio Host


Adventure Jerky — Fuel for the Journey! Guidebook Make Your Next Journey Your Best Journey!

By Chuck Inman $1995Paperback Guidebook

To maximize your results while reading the Adventure Jerky — Fuel for the Journey! book, be sure you have this complementary resource.

This guidebook allows you to record your thoughts logically in an organized manner and keep everything in one place. You can walk through the stages in step-by-step exercises working on your goals that help you find that sense of purpose to take you on your next great journey.

This guidebook can be bought and used as a stand-alone tool or used in conjunction with the Adventure Jerky — Fuel for the Journey! book “Be Your Best on Your Next Journey.”

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Chemical Brain Freeze® — How to Stay in the Game During Difficulty and Stress.

By Chuck Inman $1495Paperback

Chemical Brain Freeze® gets to the heart of what baby boomers need to understand to be able to better deal with difficult situations. It offers the distinct advantage of showing people how to develop better relationships and improve communications when needed most. With personal leadership and emotional intelligence at its core, this program demonstrates how to effectively manage the challenges we face in the workplace, transferring in the workplace or as we get ready to leave the workplace or start a new journey. The program will enable people to:

  • Understand how the brain works during stressful situations
  • Become empowered during difficult times
  • Connect with others more effectively
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